OPPO commissioned me to create a new identity video for their newly released mobile phone OPPO R11. As it marks the fourth year of our partnership, their brief was simple as always: the main selling points were the curvature of the back enclosure, dual cameras and the two-line design of the antennas. In order to experiment with ideas freely, I decided to solo the production. My goals were to keep the colorful and fashionable brand imagery that I have developed for them, and try to make a breakthrough. 
Besides focusing on visuals, I wanted to play with some mind tricks by putting their selling points into 
different scenes, and by using a hand to add surprise and magical moments.
Color research

Behind the scene
I have break down this project at Motion Plus Design Tokyo 2018
Cinema 4D ,Octane Render,AE,PR
Client:  OPPO
SoloProduction by  SOMEI 孙世晟
Music & Sound Design:
三十而立 Sincerely Music

Produced by SOMEI DESIGN

Hand Model is from Pixel Lab's freebies
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