Recently, OPPO released a new series called Reno, hoping to encourage everyone to make life more imaginative through creativity. So I hope to create a magical city, but the seemingly ordinary scene will be unexpectedly changed. I want to show  the experience of creation, just like me: Sit at the desk, observe every detail of the phone, get inspiration from it, imagine constantly, and finally a new work is coming out. The main feature of this product is the 10X optical zoom. So I tried a lot of exaggerated lens movements, hoping to let the audience intuitively feel the "zoom" experience.

 I want to bring back more Motion style in this project , and at the same time integrate into a more realistic environment, Motion + realistic, I think it's a very exciting experiment


Making of
An HDR of the Interior phone lighting
Phone Material Research
I‘m trying to use geometric deformation in the city.
Thanks to the optimization and denoising functions of octanev4, the rendering time is greatly shortened.
Some research of building and street

Animaitc & Final
Cinema 4D ,Adobe CC,Octane render v4, KitBash3d

Client:  OPPO
SoloProduction by  SOMEI 孙世晟
Sound Design&music by : Zelig Sound

Produced by SOMEI DESIGN

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